Smart mentions, generational memories and refined technology for a surprisingly simple result: familiar look, real lightness and unexpected comfort. A family of seating designed for residential, office and contract use.

4-leg chair: 45 x 50, h 76 basis 47 x 51
Chair with round basis: 45 x 50, h 77
Chair with 4-ways basis: 45 x 50, h 79 basis 64 x 64
Chair with 5-ways basis on wheels: 45 x 50, h 80 basis 62 x 65
Stackable chair: 45 x 50, h 74 basis 44 x 51

Body: injection-molded plastic material


Luigi Baroli

Born in Corbetta (MI) in 1951, after taking a degree in architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, he has worked, mainly in the field of interior design, although jewellery design is another major interest. He has developed the coordinated image for a chain of clothing stores. In 1994 he won the Compasso d'Oro award for the Cartoons screen, produced by Baleri Italia in 1992. He has been a collaborator of the company from 1990 to 2004, in charge of the art direction of the showroom in Milan, and the settings for the collection in occasion of events both in Italy and abroad. One of his latest projects for Baleri Italia, the innovative Marì chair and armchair, has soon become one of the company's bestsellers.

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