Folding screen with three or five panels with internal steel structure. Original photographic images created by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman are printed on the bi-elastic technical fabric cover.

3 panels: 156(52 x 3), h 170
5 panels: 260(52 x 5), h 170

Structure: steel.
Cover: technical fabric.


Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman

In 2003 Maurizio Galante teamed up with trend forecast analyst and designer Tal Lancman, to form Interware. Their crossover vision transverses the different design disciplines, from fashion to furniture, interiors, architecture and gardening. As the duo moves freely between disciplines, they revisit domains equipped with new understandings, insights and observations. The process results in a multi-faceted concept, with a subtle balance between the pragmatic and the irrational.Interware's philosophy proposes a series of objects/companions; expressive, amusing, and thought-provoking designs, bestowing owners with their friendly presence. The team works on all elements of design and production, from trend research, to marketing, including definition of brand image, strategy, communication, packaging and presentation.

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