Family of tables with tops in transparent clear 15 mm crystal and tensile structure in stainless steel (except for the small triangular table). The tubular chromed steel legs are attached to the top by means of a pair of shells in cast aluminium with the same finish as the legs.

Triangular: 125/163 x 125/163, h 72
Square: 159 x 159, h 72
Elliptical: 236 x 135, h 72

Structure: tubular chromed steel legs.
Top: transparent clear 15 mm crystal.


Hannes Wettstein

Born in 1958 in Ascona, Switzerland, he lived and worked in Zurich. His main professional activities were in the fields of product design and interior architecture. He designed fashion and furniture showrooms, public spaces, hotels, installations, offices, both in Switzerland and abroad. He designed limited edition collections of furnishings and accessories for several Swiss companies. His projects include furniture, lamps, watches, eyeglasses, rugs, handles, bikes. His collaboration with Baleri Italia began in 1985; he designed several of the most successful products of the company. Hannes Wettstein died in July 2008 when he was only 50 years old.

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